LIFT09: How getting close, doubles your activity


In February 2009 I will give a first time visit to the LIFT-Conference 2009 in Geneva/Switzerland. I closely followed the latest conferences and always wanted to visit one by my self. Now I have the money which allows me to afford visiting this hopefully inspiring event in the upcoming year. I registered in mid of November as an early bird.

I think that it is a very good idea to give guests of LIFT09 the choice to perhaps be part of a workshop around new ways of non-verbal communication on the WWW: Virtual Proxemics. So I setup a workshop offer for people who plan to visit LIFT09 and I would like to invite you all to have a look at the description of my workshop offer.

In the workshop I will ask „Are we all condemned to loneliness on the WWW?“ and at the same time I would like to offer some insight that „Providing context to feel closer to each other“ might be an improvement. „Discussing possible fields of application for virtual proxemics“ will be the creative and thought provoking part of this workshop with a goal to kick off a Proxemic Information Think Tank (PITT).

Workshop at LIFT09
Virtual Proxemics: How getting close, doubles your activity

More: See a list of all workshops the official program and all open stage talks. Even more information can be read in the virtual magazine shelfspace of

Let’s see, if we could figure where the future is!
I hope I catched your attention, see you all at Geneva 2009.


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