WWDC & iOS 9 Expectations


What I expect today Monday, 8th June 2015 in one sentence? They will present Apple Music Streaming in a slide at around 0:20 and then keep raving about the endless possibilities for developers and Apple until delta-t = -0:05, when they will mention that they’ll gonna build their own search engine like Google called heureka! to improve user experience & search results for Siri on the Apple Watch…


  • another all new awesome design for iOS 9 or 10, again(!)
    …after mr. ive found someone else to clean up the wreckage & promoted himself away from the heat of the kitchen
  • iOS 9 (codename: sirene) announcement for autumn 2015
  • swift, swift, swift … even more swift
  • watch, watch, watch … even more watch
  • indie, indie, indie … even more indies. wait… that was 2008.
  • developers, developers, developers … even more developers. wait… that was 2008, too.
  • elimination of the home & touch id button. i.e. removed mechanical movement.
  • iOS multiwindow support, because ya know, things are too easy to use right now and we actually learned how to build „complications“ from the watch…
  • new resolution and/or new aspect-ratio screen/device/rectangle
  • all lightning ports get killed™ by USB-Type-C (was a nice, short time lighting)
  • a new privacy option for GPS: allowed only if moon has declination of 45 degrees or higher & has full moon phase
  • Setch™ the absolutely stunning new search engine to search for settings & options on your iDevice
  • TouchID will gain more options to configure „shortcut-fingers“ to directly open specific apps and/or execute certain tasks, like compose a new tweet.
  • …to be continued.


  • OS XI with even less control left for the user. more drm. more hw-dongle.
  • new finder (just kiddin‘!)
  • iTunes with beats™ streaming
  • iTunes with a usable & consistent UI (just kiddin‘!)
  • CAPS LOCK gets killed™ from the keyboard. (just kiddin‘!)
  • Xcode Cloud, you will be able to code in the Safari Browser; all your code is autosaved in iCloud Drive; better swift support, too; 5 GB storage space sold separately
  • iDevice Developer Lab Kit, you can order a nicely designed rack for mounting all your bought iDevices for debugging. comes with one USB-Type C port, adapters for lightning to usb and usb-type-c to usb3 sold separately
  • apple pay for the desktop
  • apple tv officially replaced by mac mini running OS XI TV edition™ with kodi
  • wifi will be fixed (just kiddin‘!)
  • you will no longer be able to disable gatekeeper for non-appstore-apps
    you will need to enter your password everytime instead (that is more secure, ya know)
  • a new mighty magic force touch wireless mouse running on wifi instead of bluetooth to enable long distance mouse handling, will be presented, it will be amazing like all the others (and maybe carry TouchID)
  • from now on everything is labeled beta makes things easier for everyone, even though it is already 2015 and not 2008.
  • management found a way to increase the budget to fix software quality by increasing apple cut to a 40% of developer revenue starting 24th of october 2015
  • TouchID will be made available to other devices via a new keyboard (or mouse)
  • …to be continued.


Please compare…


Source: Users don’t hate change. They hate you. — The 9x Effect Applies to Redesigns Too

Post WWDC Recap

Things predicted/expected successfully…

  • Searchable settings for iOS aka Setch™
  • Multiwindow aka splitscreen support
  • swift, swift, swift only code examples
  • beats(one) streaming music (aka internet radio revolution)
  • everything beta™ now is a reality (swift, iOS, OS X, watchOS, Apple TV, Connect, Apple Music)

Others reflecting

Why do I blog this? As usual for the fun of it of guessing the things to come and as a catharsis to clean myself of all the pain I had with iOS 7 transition. Oh and btw, the picture at the top… I chose the Ulysses and the Sirens lithograph by Otto Greiner as a motive (maybe I should have chosen this one, bc. this one guy fettering Ulysses to the boat I do not see him anywhere at Apple…) & the music for several reasons…

  1. The Emperor’s New Clothes is still valid (that’s why people are naked).
  2. the sirenes are still in full swing singing their song to augur the promised land of awesome design
  3. the picture has lots of gfx interruptions in resolution which stand for the overall UXP of iOS & OS X which now is driven by interruptions & glitches all over the place
  4. the song from „Die Antwoord“ (was removed from soundcloud) „Pantera“ expresses without any lyrics perfectly the state of the union: broken

All this makes it hard to believe in my own wishes which I will hold back this time, because they seem to not matter at all any longer.

My realistic take on Apple’s future with a valid business model? They could just throw all money on encryption & Apple Pay to push and create and be the Core Payment Infrastructure of the future™. In 2017 presenting a blockchain based payment extension will cement the future path of Apple as the new VISA/MasterCard-Killer worldwide. They are a bank already… so it’s just one small step for Tim Cook… but…

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