The Virtual Typewriter Museum

The The Virtual Typewriter Museum has the history and pictures of amazing machines.

Like e.g. these:

The Writing Ball

typewriter is one of the great inventions of 19th Century communications technology. Between the 1860s and 1920s engineers, inventors and even carpenters invested all their creativity in the development of the ultimate writing machine. This virtual museum, that is based on private collections of antique typewriters from around the world, is a tribute to their ingenuity.

A nice craft of typewriting machines also resonates emotionally with me. It’s sexy. And so it did not surprise me to find the book Sexy Legs and Typewriters – „Women in office-related advertising, humor, glamour and erotica.“ on the webpage there.

Women and typewriters entered into a sensual partnership of skin and steel the moment at which the first writing machine was operated by female fingers. That was back in the 1870s. Ever since, office girls have fed the male imagination for many different reasons.

Pretty women and typewriters appeared together in advertising; humorous photo series and postcards; glamour photos; and erotica. This richly illustrated book covers all these areas, from the first woman to appear in a typewriter ad to a large collection of nudes from all ages.

Why do I blog this? I like the love in detail and the variety of typewriters built.

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