Chris Gammell: The HELLO WORLD of PCB design – Getting to Blinky 5.0

I just would like to recommend a nice series of YT tutorials on electronics PCB design and working with the proper tools to make it happen offered by Chris Gammell.

From the YT channel description

Contextual Electronics is an online electronics apprenticeship program. Follow along with our instructors and see how you can pair theoretical and practical electronics knowledge. Members of the course learn how to apply electronics design techniques to build custom electronic hardware.

The YouTube channel is a small portion of the overall content available on our main site ( The videos here are offered for free to the community. There are paid segments that dive in depth on many other topics. This channel will also include podcast, KiCad tutorials, and public talks (as part of programs like KiCon).

This course and channel is run by Chris Gammell, host of The Contextual Electronics Podcast and co-host of The Amp Hour Podcast.

Getting to Blinky 5.0

First episode has the „Hello World of designing a PCB“.

In this introduction to Getting to Blinky 5.0, we go over where to download the software, some of he learning objectives of this video course and how to load up the program once installed.

This is another incarnation of the Getting To Blinky Series, updated for KiCad 5.0. KiCad currently is on version 5.1.4 at the time these videos are being released, but the majority of UI is similar between 5.0 and 5.1.

Download KiCad here:
Discuss KiCad here:
Contextual Electronics is located here:
Discuss Contextual Electronics here:

The chapters are short and concise but still easy to follow.

Watch the whole series here:

Why do I blog this? I have learned a lot in a short time in this helpful series. It is an awesome educational marvel of the web for learning PCB design.

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