blulamp: funny e-cigarette hacking

I had some fun tweaking my blu e-cigarette a little. It is actually quite nicely hackable. Those small plastic containers are actually assembled in a well defined way. You can easily disassemble them and clean them. Though you need to be careful to not use any force disassembling it.

Here you see, how I disassembled one empty smoked container (greetings to my lung here!). I carefully removed the top, black cap first, then worked my way down to the lower parts. To actually get all the not needed stuff out you need to pull out the bottom of the container.

As you see, I removed the small heating coil to actually solder the cables for the LED I wanted to power. Then I soldered the cables first to the LED I put through the black cap and put on top of the container. Then I soldered the cables to the contacts of the bottom of the container and closed the container.

And taddaaaaa… ready is blulamp a tiny flashlight build on top of the blu-container system. You should kinda remember which way you insert the final container to not swap plus and minus contacts for the LED accidentially. But now comes the funny part…

blulamp video in action

…it only lights up, if you blow and suck air through the USB-charging-port. LOL. Smoke your USB to create light, yeah, soooo cool!

Why do I blog this? I just thought, hey I carry a battery with me all the time, why can’t I use this as a flashlight at the same time? I still need to work on the power-on/off-switch though. Right now it is a safety feature which I fully grasp. But maybe I find an elegant way to occasionally bypass this safety net when I operate this thing in blulamp-mode.

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