Startup Weekend Space, Bremen 2015

At the moment in Bremen in the BITZ (Technologie und Gründerzentren in Bremen) there is taking place the Startup Weekend Space, Bremen 2015. I am fascinated by this and space, readers of my blog know this. I mean hey, I already went to the ESA App Challenge and won the 1st prize together with my great teammates Stanislav, Hannah and Ognen.


Have a look at the video recordings here.

Frank Salzgeber

If you want to get to know some quick overview of the space activities in Europe, have a look at the introducing words by Mr. Frank Salzgeber.






Why do I blog this? It is one of the first Startup Weekends I get to know about in Bremen. Since I work at BITZ while building my own company I recognized these guys setting up the event. I wonder why I did not get to know about this event before even though Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen is one of the facilitators I never got a message from them about this event taking place even in the same building. So I just got the luck to meet @izanperis, thx guy for inviting me to the Final Presentations.

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