Apple Keynote Autumn 2014: Wearable & iDevice 6 Expectations

And here goes my list of expectations for today’s evening in 3 hours and 19 minutes. It is mostly powered by expectations from the past, but nevertheless has some more.

Expectations in visual form (TL/DR):

The „Eierlegende Wollmilchsau“, a german term for an All-in-one One-stop-product.


Credits to @uemit for the „iEr“, haha

Products, Features & Fixes expected
Product/Feature/Issue/Wish Done/Fixed?
iPhone 6
Yep, I do not think all these leaked videos are fake. We will have a new iPhone Big Ass Table® (see also Microsoft Big Ass Table), great! Those will fly to consumers in no time I am sure. I still love my iPhone 4S best, though I have a 5s now, too. And I like the Touch ID. But yeah, phones get now more bulky in your pocket. :( Nothing I can do about this.
We got two iPhones, great!
iHealthI do not expect an iWatch. Who wants another gadget you need to charge with electrical power everyday? If there will be another gadget it better is something really useful. Right now I cannot imagine any „smart“ gadget that does NOT connect to a cloud. But clouds you know… are having a tough time reputation-wise right now… besides this, if we get something to encourage living healthier WITHOUT the need to charge everyday electrical power to the gadget… there may be something here. But no, I do not expect an iWatch. More something like this.
No dedicated health product. Yet!
dagobert_iBankThe revolution comes through your Apple ID. Apple Inc. will start to be a bank from today on. Well, we have guessed this was their goal anyway seeing all those cash reserves right? Is there a more trustful bank than Apple Inc. Bank? Today iPay® will roll out in the US-only. In one year it will be expanded globally.
A wielding „Told you so.“
Kinda, OS X first.
iSiri_miniNo, I do not expect it, I want it. Just a smart Microphone & Speaker at my shirt like in Star Trek. See here for more. I want some real piece of treknology to help me out whenever I have a question. It would be my Knowledge Navigator come true.
This is the communicator. They even demonstrated it on stage. You can speak to AppleWatch. But we will see if that really works as advertised.
Kinda, OS X first.

Update: Not so sure about 6+

Definitely no product for me, because I rely most of the time on 1-Hand-does-it-all-Mode.

Seems to be perfect for gaming experience though.

Learned why all these weirdo circles in the icon scheme popped up in iOS 7.

I think this one fits better for me i.e. for outdoor use.


Update Januar 2016

Ein schönes Symbolbild…

Quelle Joy of Tech

Why do I blog this? I just want to see how much I score this time with my predictions. :-)

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