F**k you NSA, BND, ETC., and all you dictatorship stasi-clones!


Aus aktuellem Anlass (1 Jahr nach Snowden)… siehe…

Bundesregierung kurz zusammengefasst

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Denn natürlich hat in Deutschland NIEMAND was davon gewusst.

Mad as hell


Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator


Beeing better


I just added the talk of Mike Lee which he hold this week in San Francisco at AltConf, because I think that his talk has a lot in common with the talks above. Though they all seem very different at first sight.

Before he was known as the Mayor of Appsterdam, legendary product engineer and world’s toughest programmer Mike Lee worked on apps for Alaska Airlines, Delicious Monster, Tapulous, United Lemur, Apple, and Nextive, producing such hits as Delicious Library, Tap Tap Revenge, Obama ’08, and Apple’s Mobile Store.

Mike lives in a 17th century canal house in Amsterdam with his partner Judy and their cats, Wiebel and Wobbel. Mike enjoys racing cars, flying airplanes, and playing guitar, but he’s also content sitting beside the canal, sharing a single-cask whisky with friends.

Dictatorships, Despotism, Authoritarians, Fascism & Neo-Cons

A small reminder of how you can detect bad things happening to your community. Source

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica Films, 1946

Here a compilation of the community measurement toolset.

Toolset for checking your community.

Why do I blog this? Because dictatorship of the EU bureaucrats and the secret services of Sweden, Germany, France, UK, US and elsewhere are running wild destroying end eroding the most important thing a healthy society and a trustful world needs: trust. And I hate my government for doing it and for doing absolutely NOTHING to stop it despite all our history records in dead people resulting from dictatorships running wild and stasi going crazy!

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