Presenting My Findings

431621a-150.gifThis book is clearly a candidate for the subject „Missing manuals on …“. Several days ago Karsten passed me a book having this title „Presenting Your Findings – A Practical Guide for Creating Tables“ (see table of contents for more). This is not about building Excel-Sheets or something alike. It is about how to present statistical data found during research. And yeah, this book might have helped a lot before I started creating my tables in LaTeX.

So to everyone out there fighting with a dissertation thesis, here a summery of a happy customer (William C. Bailey „EQ Coach and Researcher“ from Fayetteville, AR):

This book has been needed for twenty years. Students and professional researchers who write dissertations and manuscripts using APA style have desperately needed this very helpful resource. The book illustrates standard presentation tables for more than twenty types of standard statistical tests. The concept of „Play It Safe“ tables will save researchers hundreds of hours of time.

Why do I blog this? It is of no use to anyone, if the scientific community keeps its secrets about „how to do things“. Badly presented research figures are of no use for anyone and a huge waste of time. So please tell anyone you know about this nice book. It saves you a lot of hassle and time. Thanks to the female authors Adelheid and Penny for this book.

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