Note-2-Self: PocketCHIP

I just want to remind myself I want a PocketCHIP to play around with an idea I have.

Ordered this item long time ago on 30th of august 2017. nothing yet here. (Depublizierungsschutz) I guess I will not see this thing arriving here in 2017.


Looks like the guys at Next Thing Co. just do not deliver anything. So I guess my money is gone. :(

Why do I blog this? This one project (not a game) can be realized with this easily.

Overview of hacker-friendly single board computers

The linux gizmos mag has a nice and helpful review/compilation of all kind of single board computers created in Jan 2017.

Brief reviews on the site look like this:

They also have a spreadsheet online to get the full overview.

Why do I blog this? I always wanted to play around with one of these. I did a bit playing around with Arduino but never went for something more than a 20-40 lines of code. Maybe this helps to get me into a deeper sphere of playing around with these quite powerful things.

DIY RFID Body-Tagging

Gibt es hier, bei bzw. entsprechendes Zubehör um sich selbst eine „Hundemarke“ zu verschaffen. Als Datenspeicher taugt das wohl eher nicht so… max. Datenkapazität die ich so gesehen habe waren 888 bytes, also nichtmal den Private Key für PGP kann man da drauf speichern. Für mich uninteressant.

Quelle: Cory Doctorow

Why do I blog this? Ein Schritt weiter zum Cyborg. Bislang gab es das ja eher für Hunde und Katzen… jetzt also ganz praktisch zum selber taggen.