iTunes: Syncing photos without it.

I don’t get iTunes. I am a huge fan of a TV serie on BBC. I found some great wallpaper graphics on their website and the web. I just wanted to transfer these images to my iDevice. And when I fired up iTunes to do that (because there is no other Apple recommended way of doing so) things went south quickly. See following screen…


I selected (for a test) 1 photo and wanted to sync that to the device. See what happened. Out of the blue iTunes killed all my apps, reorganized all apps, reordered all apps icon positions on the device and did NOT sync the photo. Huge success!!

tl;dr – use PhotoTransfer Mac App


Import and export your whole photo library all at once: Moving thousands of precious photos from a messed library worries everyone. PhotoTrans comes to rescue by featuring an innovative and unique batch photo transfer. Imagine that, through the high-efficient batch mode, you’ll be able to transfer thousands of photos or even your entire library between iPhone, iPad and computer, all at once.

Taking every piece of your photography works into account, PhotoTrans cares every single picture and even the whole photo library on your iOS devices, including the captured snapshots in camera roll, the photo stream bound to iCloud and other pictures imported from iTunes library.

You get it here. it allows to comfortably manage you photos in both directions without the need to use iTunes.

Update 6.8.2015: AnyTrans & PhoneClean


Why do I blog this? Because I lost an hour of my lifetime in trying to achive what I wanted and nothing happened other than iTunes creating a mess on my device. So do yourself a favour and use the right tool for the task. Thank me later!

Sonnenfinsternis am 20. März 2015

Ich hab da mal was vorbereitet mit Hilfe der App StarWalk 2.

Sonnenfinsternis am 20.3.2015

Quelle: StwarWalk 2

Why do I blog this? Ich hab mir diese App geladen weil sie wirklich hübsch gemacht ist und das tolle ist damit kann man durch die Zeit reisen. Man dreht rechts an diesem Zeitstrahl/-rad und verändert damit oben wahlweise die Minuten, Tage, Jahre etc. und das macht Spaß! Und es ist sicher informativer als das was man so in unserer Medienlandschaft als Panikmache von wegen „Wir werden alle sterben!1!!11!!!“ lesen muss wegen Stromausfall und so weiter. Man kann sich auch mal drüber freuen, das wir in einem Universum leben, in dem wir echt nur ein ganz kleiner, unbedeutender Teil sind.

Apple’s 3rd Party Software Ecosystem Meltdown


I just want to give my posting from June 12th, 2013 a revisit. My core prophecy about the changes iOS 7 brought was the following:

It’s a headshot to innovation and the ecosystem and it basically screws a lot of business models.

We now have Oct 24th, 2014 that is one year and a quarter later. And now we see the results coming in:

Why do I blog this? Because Apple gave „indie“ developers not just a headshot, they still keep shooting them down until they stop trying to get up back on their feet.