How to create and present a presentation in the 21st century

This will not be the usual stuff explaining to you how to use your Microsoft PowerPoint Software, I am sorry! Instead this will show you a workflow which is setup to make you independent of any tool vendor at maximum level.

The fails

I have seen too much shit happen to my presentations in the past. Even though I was a fan of Apple Keynote and once used PowerPoint to create presentations these times are over for me now. The reasons for this are the following:

  • A Microsoft Powerpoint file on a Mac has issues being presentend on a Windows machine
  • A Microsoft Powerpoint file on Windows has issues being presentend on a Mac machine
  • A Powerpoint file of version 3 cannot be opened by the latest & greatest Powerpoint software
  • An Apple Keynote file from the past cannot be opened with a Keynote app of the present
  • The file format of Powerpoint and Keynote is closed, proprietary and non-human-readable. That means if you never converted your old presentation to a PDF file you will never be able to read your files again.
  • The default mode of operation of Powerpoint and Keynote is to craft a proprietary presentation environment with lots of fancy effects, which mostly distract you from the content presented
  • Both Powerpoint and Keynote make it ridiculously difficult to connect a beamer (simple video out) to the software in a way that not disturbs the user with overcomplicated configuration of screen-sync-settings, screen-resolutions, main-screen, second-screen, super-duper-fancy-triple-screen, etc.
  • Both softwares fail ginormously when you want to present from your smartphone. you need custom software installed, you need custom hardware for the video out (sometimes even proprietary streaming protocol support, i.e. AirPlay), you need ridiculously complex steps to bring the document from your desktop to the smartphone using iTunes, iCloud, some $Dropbox Service or you even need to email the document to yourself to get it into the phone. Because the fucking manufacturer of your phone decided that Micro SD-Cards or USB-Sticks won’t work as a storage medium. FUCK YOU Apple!
  • Sharing your document (and the encoded knowledge) is completely NOT the priority of those companies. That is why export as PDF sucks and file format is proprietary bullshit.
  • Let me summarize: File formats suck, Desktop tools suck, Mobile tools suck, Presentation on Beamer sucks, Sharing of content sucks a huge lot!

Working toolchain

+ +
TexShop Pro
(Free Software on the Desktop)
Choose your favorite tool on Linux
PDF Viewer for iOS
(from PDFKit GmbH)
to present with iPhone
Lighting-to-HDMI-AV Adapter
(from Apple)
connect to iPhone and Beamer

How to

I now use TexShop Pro to create my LaTeX based presentation using the beamer-documentclass. This generates a nicely rendered PDF file. I copy that PDF to my iPhone (actually e-mailing it to myself) and import it into the PDF Viewer. As soon as you connect the AV-Adapter for HDMI-out the App will allow to present the PDF file in landscape mode by simply tapping. That’s totally sufficient for me because I hate all those effects anyway.

If I want to present from my Linux system I choose to use Impressive which is a really nice tool to present nearly anything (e.g. also a folder of images, pdfs, etc.) using nice effects. It has a lot of options to present exactly your style and it taes a lot of things for input, even movies. :)


Here are some links to stuff which helped me to get this up and running.


The following lines are very helpful to setup your presentation for modern purposes.


Line 1 enforces LaTeX to output a PDF Version 1.4 file which is helpful for other software (e.g. the presenting PDF viewer) to cope with the format perfectly. Sometimes Version 1.5 is just not yet that well supported.

Line 2 sets the width of the presentation to use 16:9 format in aspect ratio, which makes use of the widespread beamers now in operation which support wide screens.


You really should read beameruserguide.pdf if you have some time to spend. It gives you a lot of insight on how to tweak your presentation.

Why do I blog this? I am fed up with all the tools mentioned above, because they break stuff for me often. Apple Keynote is a powerful tool, but without them supporting legacy documents adequately (what they don’t) that tool is dead for me. It will be just a matter of time until they kill the PDF export since normal consumers do not need keynote and products for Pro Users get slashed regularly in recent times by Apple Inc. this is it for me. I will go with free tools only. The AV-Adapter will be the most expensive thingy here but for the convenience of presenting with your iPhone this may be worth it for you.

DIY RFID Body-Tagging

Gibt es hier, bei bzw. entsprechendes Zubehör um sich selbst eine „Hundemarke“ zu verschaffen. Als Datenspeicher taugt das wohl eher nicht so… max. Datenkapazität die ich so gesehen habe waren 888 bytes, also nichtmal den Private Key für PGP kann man da drauf speichern. Für mich uninteressant.

Quelle: Cory Doctorow

Why do I blog this? Ein Schritt weiter zum Cyborg. Bislang gab es das ja eher für Hunde und Katzen… jetzt also ganz praktisch zum selber taggen.

hacking with care

„Hacking with Care – Tactical and ethical care for all“ eine wundervolle initiative aus dem umkreis von La Quadrature du Net, die sich den sozialen aspekten der community zuwendet und versucht defizite in sozialen bereichen zu erkennen und durch selbst tun/lernen zu beseitigen. man könnte auch sagen der „we social the sh*t out of this“-approach. :)

sie haben eine webseite in der die nächsten gelegenheiten bekanntgegeben werden, um sich selbst zu engagieren. und es gibt ein wiki mit massig zusätzlicher info als lebendes dokument.

ich hab davon nur erfahren durch den vortrag im datengarten 73 per live stream (video, videos). fand es interessant und finde es unterstützenswert. vor allem die herangehensweise sozial aktiv zu werden unter beachtung des hippokratischen eids.

der ansatz ist, (h)a(c)ktivisten die durch viel stress in eine brenzlige stress-out situation geraten, eine auszeit anzubieten bei der man den kopf erstmal kopf und das rationale erstmal das rationale sein lässt und sich mehr auf den körper und seine gefühle konzentriert. vor allem auch die bedürfnisse des körpers nach nähe/wärme nicht wegignoriert sondern sich diesen besonders zuwendet als aktivität zum stress-abbau/-vorbeugung. das derzeitige mittel/werkzeug der wahl von hacking with care sind ausgewählte massagetechniken (ich dachte sofort an shiatsu), die sich darauf konzentrieren behutsame berührungen zuzulassen und so sozialen bedürfnissen in einer sicheren umgebung nachgeben zu können.

lesenswert ist der ethical conduct (stand januar 2017) der für diese aktivitäten gesetzt wird:

  • Always observe the precautions and contraindications, consult the Massage precautions & contra indications sign
  • Respect each other. No discriminative or prejudiced speech, attitude or behaviour, no violence, harassment, coercion is ever appropriate.
  • Observe hygiene and safety rules: wash your hands before and after each session, use disposable paper covers or clean towels to protect the table, cushions, clothes. Work in a safe, clean, ventilated, space. Only use good quality products.
  • Be transparent and honest about your actual qualifications in care-giving, do not pretend to have skills or knowledge you don’t have. An attentive amateur can accomplish a great deal already, so no need to brag.
  • Do not give a massage to someone who is not quite sure they want one. Here, like in love, it has to be a YES, from the beginning to the end. Anyone can decide to stop whenever they want.
  • Respect physical reserves. No one has to take their clothes off for massage if they don’t want to (very good massages can be provided with clothes on). Similarly, if you, the giver, are not comfortable with nudity, you should say so.
  • Because massages induce relaxation of the nervous system, it can sometimes trigger erection or reactions similar to those of sexual arousal in both men and women. It’s not so frequent that you should worry about it, and besides, it is really nothing to be ashamed of. The masseur/se should bear in mind that however sexual in appearance, these reactions might not be experienced as such by the receiver, and so they should never be considered as an invitation to act on them.
  • There can sometimes be surprising emotional release during massage (or other forms of care) Please familiarize yourself with this possibility reading our article Emotional Release during Massage – What’s happening and How best to respond. Stay calm, composed, kind. Be especially wary and mindful of the possibility of personal information being revealed to you in that moment: Do NOT encourage words or let the person tell you too much about themselves. If necessary let them know that your reluctance to hear more is for their own good.
  • Discuss “privacy settings” with your partner prior to the session ? what would they be comfortable with? Can you talk about this massage later, to someone else? The default privacy setting in massage is “whatever happens in the massage room, stays in the massage room”, period. Don’t mention to others that you have given a massage to that someone.
  • Massage for children: Only in presence of their parent/adult tutor – No one to one sessions.

das klingt für mich nach einem interessanten weg ernsteren problemen vorzubeugen, die durch überforderung und stress entstehen können. ich werde das beobachen und weiter verfolgen mal sehen was draus wird. der eigene anspruch scheint nicht gerade gering:

Together we imagine, circulate, put in common resources and tools for care in accordance with hackers ethics and peer-to-peer philosophy. We create customized occasions for body & soul rejuvenation and collective (re)appropriation of care. We work with an understanding of the needs and requirements of specific contexts, as can be found in hacking and activism. Similarly, we like to transmit to caregivers some hackers-activists tools and best practices, in relation to privacy/data protection, technological independence, operational security.

Why do I blog this? Ähnlich wie gibt es in der community gerade durch das teilweise sehr intensive und fordernde Engagement vieler Menschen an der Grenze ihrer eigenen Belastbarkeit schnell Situationen der Überforderung und der Eskalation von Stress. Gerade, wenn es z.B. um Menschenrechte geht und die tägliche Konfrontation mit Gewalt, kommen Aktivisten schnell an ihre eigenen psychisch-sozialen Grenzen. Oft passiert das aus einer falsch verstandenen Wahrnehmung des Einzelkämpfers heraus. Die Erkenntnis, dass man nicht allein ist, kann hier bereits helfen. Besser noch ist natürlich, dass man sogar fühlen kann, dass man nicht allein ist mit seinem Engagement und seinen Sorgen. Hacking with Care könnte daher sowas Ähnliches sein wie eine „Impfung“ sein, eine Art vorbeugender Aufbau von Antikörpern für den Ernstfall. Spannender Ansatz! Die Grenze bei so einem diffizilen Thema zwischen „gut gemeint“ und „gut gemacht“ ist allerdings schmal, zumal Berührungen, ja sogar Annäherungen ohne jedwede Berührung, in unserer Gesellschaft bereits OHNE diesen Kontext der akuten sozialen Defizitsituation unzähligen Tabuisierungen und kulturellen Eigenheiten unterliegen. Ein wahres Minenfeld! Das ist eine ganz schöne Herausforderung. Respekt dass sich da wer rantraut. Ich hätte den Mut nicht mich mit so einem Projekt zu exponieren, zumal schon gleich dreimal nicht als Mann in der derzeitigen gesellschaftlichen Situation, in der man Männern pauschal alles nur denkbar Böse unterstellt wenn sie sich anderen Menschen annähern und man mir nichts dir nichts als verdächtig/schuldig gilt bis das Gegenteil bewiesen ist.